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Apple Festival Woodstock, Vermont October 8-9, 2011

                                                             Woodstock Inn, Woodstock

A glorious autumn October day Saturday-Sunday 8-9, 2011, the peak for most all the wonderful festivals that takes place in Vermont during this high season has reach it's end, and when state parks and festivals are closing it's many doors. Already preparation for the  winter arrival, a sign that it is not all to end the wonderful activities, but getting ready for ski lovers, and all the winter wonders that Vermont has to offer during the winter season.

A yearly event in Woodstock,Vermont, the well known Apple Festival, a huge field on the outskirt of the wonderful small town of Woodstock, VT, were vendors, not just from Vermont, but other states as well, busy setting up tents and getting ready for a two day event that takes place yearly during a week-end in October. Each year, usually I make sure to visit some of the festivals. My wish would be that there would be a department stores that would carry hand crafts, the demands to buy gifts that has beauty and quality is becoming more difficult to find in department stores when it is time to choose a gift for someone, to shop in some of the larger department stores and always looking to buy something with a special meaning is hopeless for me, the same items on the many shelves seems never to change with the displays from the last time I went shopping, I always find myself shop in a small stores were I can find hand crafted items ,knowing then it will always be appreciated whenever a special occasion such as birthday, or a any other celebrations  when it is time to choose a gift for someone,and it gives me truly a great comfort to know at least once a year I can also browse for presents when visiting craft fairs.

This year I went to the Apple Festival after had read a post from a face-book friend who is a hand-weaver that she was going to be at the Apple Festival. The opportunity to visit Nancy O'Connor and  to see her wonderful hand-woven on display that I have seen on pictures on her wall was to great to pass by, so I went, it takes half an hour to drive from my home to Woodstock, VT, it was so much fun to meet a friend from face-book and to look at all that Nancy had on sale, a photo of Nancy above shows a scarves that I purchased, and later in the afternoon gave me an inspiration to finally weave a scarves, when most of my own weaving are geared to be used in a household, I have already over the weekend dressed a small loom with a short warp 3 yard in all, and began weaving a wool scarves, and found it to be very inspiring to weave a small project, and  I can't wait until I have it all done to see if the scarves will be fluffy and soft after it has been washed. I am always in look out  to see new photos posted on face-book by Nancy, and other face-book friends who are not just hand-weavers, I love to share with other cultures as well, and read with great interest what is being posted on face-book. It was with  great pleasure to meet someone from face-book, thank you Nancy for all the wonderful inspiration you give to all of us weaver, or not hand-weaver, what kind of a world would it be if just weavers went to festivals to find out about weaving, it is my believe that sharing all kinds of arts on face-book and festivals has been from the beginning of time and will continue to spread even more in coming generation. So thumb up for festivals and sharing all kinds of cultures around the world.

Handweaving by Nancy O'Connor
The Heritage Weaving Studio is one of several programs supported by the Bridgewater Sustainable Earth Foundation. BSEF, a not-for-profit organization, is committed to providing opportunities for environmental initiatives, historic preservation, and sustainable living. At the Heritage Weaving Studio contribute to revival of rag-rug making, using recycled clothing and fabric from BSEF's Thrift Store. Rag-rug making is a custom that has deep roots in the culture of New England
Vassie Sinopoulos from Woodstock,Vermont is one of the many volunteers and a expert weaver and novices alike who carry on this centuries-old weaving technique at the Heritage Weaving Studio on the outskirt of Woodstock, the location and premises for the weaving studio, The Bridgewater Mill in Bridgewater,VT
Open to the public Thursday 11am-3pm, Friday 11am-3pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, and on Sunday 11am-3pm

Scarf new and fresh on loom, Silky wool- 45% wool, 35% silk, and 20% nylon, color- black and grey, 
Scarf off the loom 
weaving width 72" finishing 7"x 66" woven in huck-lace
Huck Lace Weave 

God Bless Everyone!
Margaretha Fletcher
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